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A website for your guide organization


You may already have a website, but you may need to replace it. At Eguide we would be happy to create a website for your organization. The company that developed Eguide specializes in creating websites and applications. We do this with Wagtail, an open source CMS that is very user friendly and offers many possibilities.

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8 reasons to switch to Eguide

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Eguide is specialized software tailored to the guide organization. Software is a tricky issue for many guide organizations. Keeping your organization's administration up to date is and remains one of the difficulties we struggle with daily. Maybe you have a system today, e.g. a database developed in Access, Filemaker or Excell? Maybe you took an expensive step and let a commercial agency program a solution so your website is connected to the back office. But what is the alternative?

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Eguide was created by Code-on


Code-on is a a web design web development company. They developed Eguide after they they were made several guide and tour reservation systems. Code-on understood that there were many smaller and larger guide organizations that would want the same features as a customized system.

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