Tours & Guides Management

One tool to coordinate, plan and track your tours


Create your tour in a few simple steps

With our software, you can freely create, book and organise tours for multiple groups. Choose between different pricing options both with and without resellers.

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  • Basic tour info

    IIn this first step, you can provide all basic information such as adding a category, a meeting and an end point, a standard duration time and a minimum and maximum group size.

  • Availability of the tour

    In this step you can manage the availbility of the booking throughout the year and customize booking timeslots. For example, you can decide that a the tour can only take place from 10:00 to 12:00 on wednesdays and for full days in the weekends.

  • Flexible pricing options

    A price per guide, a max per group, a price per person, seasonal prices, extra optional price items, we offer flexible options to customize your prices per tour.

  • Collecting guest info

    You can collect specific information per participant using customizable forms.

  • Working with a reseller

    If you're working with resellers, you can manage all tours and invoice monthly to each reseller.


Publish your tour to receive online bookings

Our software allows you to freely customize your tour for multiple groups with different themes and pricing options

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  • Create a booking page per tour

    Describe the tour and provide all information in an attractive way. Use a 'hero banner', an image gallery and even some catchy texts in several languages.

  • Support multiple groups

    One booking with multiple groups that each have their own guide in different languages: e-guide makes complex set-ups simple.

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