Guide portal

Help your guides with a practical guide tool on their smartphone

Guide Portal

An easy to use portal for your guides

Each guide has access to his own portal with his data and programme.

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  • Overview of allocated walks

    Each guide can easily accept or refuse a tour that is assigned to him or her.

  • Tour status

    Your guide can mark the status of the tour. When it is completed, you will be notified as administrator for follow-up purposes.

  • No show

    If a customer does not show up, your guides can easily mark the tour as a 'no show'. This will reflect in the admin side, allowing a correct payment treatment.

  • Contact & info

    Your guides can consult the meeting point & end point at any time, see how many people are participating or who their co-guide is. Moreover, they always have the necessary contact details at hand.

Availability listing

Your guides mark their availability via the portal

Each guide can indicate his availability via the easy-to-use guide portal. As administrator, you know instantly whether you can book the guide or not.

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  • Know all availabilities

    Each guide can enter his availability in a few simple clicks. This allows you to schedule them accordingly.

  • Book a guide

    For each tour you will know exactly which guides are available.

  • No guide available?

    Some may have forgotten to complete their schedule. So, no worries: you can still see and book them and check afterwards.

Financial overview

Easy overview of the guide earnings

An easy-to-read dashboard for each guide

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  • Financial overview

    Your guides can see exactly what they have earned each month.

  • Overview of guided tours given

    Each guide can see which tours or events he/she has given or declined in the past.

  • Guide settings

    Your guides manage their personal data themselves. This way, their bank account number and social status are always up to date.