API and Website integration

Integrate e-guide in you frontend website

Seamless integration between your website and e-guide

Did you know that e-guide has an API to integrate all your tours online? So the frontend of your website can handle bookings via e-guide.

API integration for your front website

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  • API tours

    Easily readable rest api so you can display all your tours on your website.

  • API events

    Have an verview of upcoming events in your organisation. You even can ask third parties to use the public API to announce your events.

  • API booking

    Allow your clients to subscribe to a tour or event online. You will get notified in e-guide and manage everything in one app

  • Customized website development

    E-guide can build your custom-made website, with full integration of e-guide. Or you can ask your local webdesigner to use our API.