Vizit Guides Reservation System

For Efficient Tour Planning

Vizit is a guide company based in Ghent, operating throughout Belgium with a specialization in culinary and themed walks. Often these tours form a full day excursion.

In 2015, Code-on developed a new system for Vizit, replacing the then Clarabyte system that was being phased out. Given the complexity of coordinating clients, guides and external parties, there was a significant need for a customized system.

This system allowed Vizit to plan walks in detail; think a 10 a.m. start, lunch at restaurant X at noon, bus transportation to a next location at 1 p.m., and local beer tasting at 3 p.m. Such planning requires careful coordination and clear agreements with involved parties. Restaurants, for example, must be aware of the arrival of a group of 20 people, including any preferences. Bus companies and pubs should also be informed in a timely manner of their role in the excursion.

As an organizer, it is crucial that all parties are not only informed, but also confirm their participation and agree on the price. Vizit takes on these organizational tasks for guides, third parties and clients. This prompted the development of our first guide system for Vizit.

Vizit homepage

Following the successful implementation of the directory system, we expanded our partnership with Vizit by also assuming responsibility for the development of their website. This move was a logical continuation of our commitment to provide Vizit with integrated, technological solutions that not only streamline internal operations but also improve customer interaction.

The website, designed and developed with an eye for usability and aesthetics, served as a digital signboard on which Vizit could showcase its unique walks and culinary experiences. The platform offered an organized display of available tours, themes, and practical information, thereby increasing not only Vizit's visibility but also its accessibility to interested participants.

As the website grew in popularity and functionality, a demand arose for a new feature: a module for managing and registering for events. This addition was aimed at further facilitating interaction between Vizit and its customers. Through this module, website visitors can easily register for upcoming events, ensuring a seamless experience from discovery to participation.

Integrating the events module into the website required thorough planning and implementation, taking into account both usability and the backend systems needed to manage registrations, payments and communication with participants. This expansion of the website has enabled Vizit to further diversify its offerings and attract a wider audience by offering not only tours but also special events and meetings.

This project highlighted our role as a versatile technology partner for Vizit, able to grow with our client's needs and provide solutions that drive their business forward. The result is a robust, flexible platform that provides the foundation for Vizit's continued growth and development in the future.