Eguide was created by Code-on

The company behind eguide

Code-on the web design company behind Eguide

Code-on is a a web design web development company. Code-on developed Eguide after they made them several guide reservation systems. Code-on understood that many guide organizations would want the same features as a custom system.

But not all guide organizations want to start a costly adventure with custom written software. Many are stuck with outdated software or websites that don't function well or are not properly connected to the back office.

That's why Code-on started to build Eguide as a web design company with the experience we have in building custom systems. It is Code-on's intention to keep on developing Eguide to its full potential. So that many guide organizations can use it.

In addition, Code-on also provides services for Eguide. This for building the websites for the guide organization. After all, an ideal scenario is that your guide organization connects perfectly with the back office of the organization. So that orders can be placed by phone through the administration as well as through the website so that the administration can easily process them.

The advantage of working with us is that we are always accessible. For additional questions. For example, if you want to connect Eguide's invoicing system to your accounting system, we can always help you with that.