A website for your guide organization

Your guide organization deserves a good website

You may already have a website, but you might need a new website. At Eguide, we'd love to create one for your organization. The company that developed Eguide specializes in creation of websites and applications. We do this with Wagtail an open source CMS that is very user friendly and offers many possibilities. Wagtail is ideal for linking to Eguide. An example of how such a website can work can be seen at Ghent Guides.

6 points to consider when creating your tour guide website?


We customize a website for your organization. This can be very different from organization to organization. For example, the website Vizit is completely different than the website we built for Gentse Gidsen. We will gladly make you a proposal.

CMS (content management)

Thanks to Wagtail, we can create extremely user-friendly websites. It allows you to create pages and organize them at will. With Wagtail we can also easily make use of the API. So that if you publish a tour on Eguide you can immediately see it on your website as well.

SEO (search engine optimization)

We make sure your website is fully search engine friendly. Proper html structure, meta tags, headers OG tags for social media, schema.org etc.... We give extensive attention to this. If you are not found, you do not exist. Fortunately, guide organizations have a lot of content to work with because of their tours, this forms the basis for being found.

We have also created an exclusive SEO tool for Wagtail that tracks what keywords your pages are being found on. We offer this tool for free when building a website. This can make it easier to do further content optimization.


We provide support for the website. Is there something that does not work or do you want an extension then it is just a matter of giving us a call and explaining what you would like. We will build it with pleasure.

Content Editing or Writing

Do you need someone to proofread your texts for spelling errors? We can provide this through a network of freelancers with whom we work.

Photo Management

With Wagtail you have a particularly good overview of photo management. Even more, thanks to an AI photo recognition software, the computer knows where the point of interest is on the photo. Thus, the photo dynamically adjusts itself when displayed on mobile so that the right thing is seen.

In short you can get the perfect website at Eguide. We will work it out to perfection so that your organization can get a maximum boost.