8 reasons to switch to Eguide

Eguide provides everything you need to manage your bookings and tours.

Eguide is specialized software tailored to the guide organization. Software is a tricky issue for many guide organizations. Keeping your organization's administration up to date is and remains one of the difficulties we struggle with daily. Maybe you have a system today, e.g. a database developed in Access, Filemaker or Excell? Maybe you took an expensive step and let a commercial agency program a solution so that your website is connected to the back office.

Often the current solution is a jumble. The software becomes outdated and needs expensive updates. The person who did this is no longer available. The company you work with keeps coming up with expensive invoices or turns out to be unreachable, but your software needs to be kept up to date. Maybe you just want to change your website but you can't because then the software won't work with the website anymore. But what is the alternative?

Below I give some reasons why Eguide is a good alternative.

Eguide already exists

Eguide is already built, you can start using it now, today. All it takes is an email to Eguide and a short setup session to start using it. No need to reinvent the hot water.

Eguide is user friendly

Because Eguide is made for many potential guide organizations, we have taken into account what such an organization needs. We are aware that within the guide organization there are often volunteers who are not always comfortable with computers and the internet. Therefore we have kept it as simple as possible. Nevertheless, running a guide organization is a complex matter.

Eguide is much cheaper than custom made

The creators of Eguide the web design company Code-on has already created several custom guide systems. We found out that this is a very expensive for a guide organization. Therefore we started developing Eguide, to keep it affordable for all possible guide organizations. A custom system can easily cost many tens of thousands of Euros and is completely dependent on the builder. You also have to take into account maintenance costs and hosting. This is really only feasible for the very large guide organizations and even then it is a big risk. With Eguide, it's simple. You just pay a fixed amount per month and a small fee per tour. If a pandemic comes along, if you have very little turnover, it will cost you next to nothing. (See our prices)

Accessible via the Internet

Because Eguide is an online platform, you can perfectly do the follow-up from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. The administrators can log in, the guides can log into their portal. The suppliers can log into the system. Eguide allows everyone to work together smoothly.

Guide Friendly

Your guide can always log into his own portal. There he can accept assignments, look at his earnings and complete his availability via calendar. When a guided tour has been conducted, he can indicate this and provide the necessary feedback. If nobody shows up, the guide can mark the tour as a no show.


Without a good website, your guide organization no longer works. With Eguide there are several options for allowing online bookings. The first and easiest is that you can link to an Eguide page where your customer makes a booking. The second option is for a web designer to use the API that we offer. This way you can tailor your entire website to the potential bookings that Eguide has. 3rd possibility is that you ask Eguide to build your website. You can see an example at Gentse Gidsen where we have already done this. We then do this withWagtailthrough Eguide's web design company.


If there is something not in Eguide, you can consult with us. We can add a number of features every year depending on the budgets. Moreover, thanks to the API we can also create custom pieces of software if needed.

Help with for Eguide

If something is not working as it should, as an administrator you always have an open line to Eguide so we can help if there is a problem.

In short Eguide is a good choice for any Guide organization large or small that would like to grow with the future.